The purpose of the iTRACK project is to ensure that the tracking and threat detection system developed during the project provides decision support to civilian humanitarian missions, enabling information-driven self-organisation and coordination, as well as rapid adaptation to dynamically changing situations and better protection of civilians. This cannot be done without considering social and ethical issues through the objectives, methodology and intended impact.

The iTRACK project seeks to develop a single integrated system for use in civilian missions. This will bring together open sourced solutions into cost effective, real-time, integrative system that can be used by humanitarian organisations operating civilian missions, as well as carry out a privacy and ethical impact assessment of the iTRACK system. Such an approach ensures that attention is paid to the ethical and legal considerations associated with tracking people and assets. Ethical concerns in relation to this could be associated with the nature of the background technology used (on which the open technology depends). The project will endeavour to use open background technologies to develop the iTRACK system.

As iTRACK is a research and innovation action, it is essential to share the high quality results of the project with stakeholders who are likely to benefit from it.

The project is still in an early stage and no major results have been achieved yet. The project partners are working hard and creating the building stones in order to allow the development of the iTRACK system. At the moment partners are making interviews with humanitarian organisations. The information collected from theses interviews is being used by technical partners to design the first version of the system architecture. Other partners are working on projects’ handbooks and dissemination materials. The project also started working on market analysis for the project’s exploitation. In the coming weeks the project will continue its research through a board game which will take place in Helsinki in the beginning of May 2017. First Beta version of the iTRACK components should be completed by the end of 2017.

The project is on schedule and first project deliverables have been already achieved and presented below. For reasons of security in a conflict context some deliverables need to remain confidential. Nevertheless, we are guided by the principle of transparency and are happy to disseminate information about the project. For this purpose we have produced public deliverables, which are already available on our project website and the list will be updated continuously. 

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