The iTRACK Consortium consists of 12 partners from 8 diferent countries, including leading universities, research centers, ICT companies and humanitarian NGOs and covering the wide range of expertise required for the successful development of the iTRACK solution.

Delft University of Technology

The MAS department from Delft University uses a design paradigm for socio-technical systems that enables and supports participation in today’s changing organisations and society. They have an extensive track record in tool development and use of ICT, advanced logistics using prediction models and GIS, and decision modelling using (deep) uncertainty. In this project they will lead the training and evaluation process as well as the design and execution of the simulations.

Personnel involved

Bartel van de Walle;

Alexander Verbraeck;

Heide Lukosch;

Yan Wang;

Philipp Schwarz;

Stephan Lukosch,

Project documentation

iTRACK Fact Sheet updated 

pdf : iTrack FactSheet