This report analyses and discusses the results of a survey in which partners were asked questions on the Ethics and Privacy Impact Assessment (E/PIA) Workshop in the Hague on 10-11 November 2016, which was organised by the iTRACK consortium as part of Work Package 3 and the subsequent E/PIA process. The aim of the workshop was to identify privacy and ethical risks that may arise from the iTRACK system and to receive advice and potential solutions from the consortium and end users present. Participants at the workshop were provided with an introduction to the information flows within iTRACK, an indication of what an E/PIA is, and an overview of the privacy and ethical frameworks. Breakout discussion groups discussed the risks that may arise, brainstormed likelihood and severity, and discussed possible solutions to mitigate negative privacy and ethical impacts. The meeting was attended by an external reviewer.
Following on from the workshop, Trilateral Research analysed the results and began to map the risks which culminated in Deliverable 3.1 “iTRACK impact assessment and recommendations.” After this WP3 partners have monitored the development of iTRACK and ensured key recommendations were contained within.
As part of Task 3.4 (Project Reflection) Trilateral Research developed a short online survey with participants of Task 3.1 and 3.3 in order to evaluate the usefulness and adequacy of the impact assessment. Such a task provides useful feed- back for conducting future assessments in collaborative projects. Within the survey, analysed in this report, participants of the Workshop were asked to discuss the E/PIA Process in order to gain some feedback on this. This report will seek to highlight some of the positive outcomes and impacts of the Worshop and the E/PIA, while also discussing some of the potentail shortcomings of this process.
For more information on iTRACK’s Ethics, Privacy and Impact Assessment, please see D3.1.

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