This document represents  iTRACK Evaluation methods for processes and policies, under project task -  Real-Time Evaluation and Reporting. The deliverable is one of three deliverables that concoct the iTRACK evaluation framework. The iTRACK evaluation framework establishes a methodology to ensure quality of scenarios and trainings by delivering rapid feedback to the users, and providing valuable feedback to iTRACK system developers in terms of formative and technical evaluation reports
This document will lay the foundations for developing real-time evaluation and reporting tools that support the continuous learning for all stakeholders (e.g. system developers, scenario training designers, end-users, etc.). The proposed toolset will assist in measuring the quality and usefulness of the iTRACK system in terms of both technology and accompanying policies. This first deliverable is dedicated to developing metrics to evaluate decision quality at individual and organizational level, i.e., it compromises decision-making and coordination processes and structures. Technical evaluations will follow in later deliverables and prototypes under related project task.
The metrics evaluating polices and decision processes in terms of efficiency and timeliness are introduced in this deliverable. Elements such as capacity to manage complex situation, handling stress and pressure, high uncertainty and the ability to coordinate are the focus for iTRACK policy and process evaluation framework.
This deliverable is the basis for the subsequent deliverables under Real-Time Evaluation and Reporting task, namely. "Evaluation Methods for integrated systems", an initial feedback tool to measure quality and usefulness of technology and group performance. The metrics developed here will as such support the design of automated and digital reporting feedback tools, which will provide a real-time evaluation of individuals and teams during training sessions. In addition, next deliverable from these series will also include technology evaluation. Finally, in , "Final evaluation tool demonstration" deliverable, the final evaluation tool will be presented. In addition, this deliverable is drawing from the evaluation framework in Simulation planning and protocols task, and contributing to improving existing practices.

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