In this deliverable 6.4 – Final Demo Design, we present the design guidelines for the demonstration of the final version of iTRACK system. Based on the valuable experience gained from D7.3, this demonstration is carried out in two stages, namely the internal exercise during 14 – 15 January 2019 and the demonstration week during 8 – 12 April 2019. The internal exercise is an additional event which is planned on the basis of the success of the simulation exercise in April 2018 (D7.3). The focuses of this exercise are twofold, the testing of the integrated iTRACK system during the last development phase and the policy workshop that consolidates the project outcome from policy briefs and training materials. The final demonstration is designed as a medium-sized field exercise that showcasesthe features of iTRACK technology and the integration of the system with the special considerations in ethics and privacy issues, as well as workflows and policies in logistics, information management and security contingency plan. In addition to the exercise, a conference on humanitarian logistics technology and policy will take place during the demonstration week as well as the project final review meeting. This deliverable is made based on knowledge developed in previous deliverables in WP2 (humanitarian workflows, logistics, IM and security policies), WP3 (ethics and privacy), WP4 (iTRACK platform), WP5 (iTRACK components), WP6 & 7 (simulation scenarios, process and policies evaluation, especially the exercise organization experience in D6.3 and D7.3). It is composed with the following parts: - Internal exercise environment and organization The internal exercise is to test the functionality of the integrated iTRACK system. The technical environment is set up by using the same infrastructure that has been installed at TUD during the simulation exercise April 2018 (D6.3, D7.3). The exercise will mainly take place in the base location at TUD campus. The management of the internal exercise includes daily agenda, exercise control, participants and role player training, and (de)briefing prior and after the test. - Final demonstration environment and organization The physical environment for the final demonstration is set up to serve the purpose of hosting the field exercise, the academic conference and the project review. The same technical set up will be kept for the final demo. Multiple locations will be transformed into field offices and warehouse to represent the realistic field conditions of humanitarian mission sin the Middle East, while the same safety and security concerns will be taken into account as what has been done in April 2018 exercise. Despite multiple events planned during the final demo, careful coordination will be ensured in planning the week agenda, exercise control, participants training and (de)briefing, as well as observation and evaluation. - Exercise scenario and injects Scenario based design is adopted again based on the success of April 2018 exercise. The injects for the internal exercise in Jan. 2019 are based on the usability test injects (D6.3) with updates from the latest iTRACK features (D5.3) and integrated platform (D4.4). The injects for the final demonstration are based on the humanitarian logistics procedures and iTRACK policies (D6.3, D7.3). Given the fact that the finalization of the iTRACK system is ongoing at the same period this deliverable being made, the detailed materials and final plan of the final demo week will be reported in D7.4.

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