This document represents Deliverable 6.6, iTRACK Scenario Generator, under Task 6.3, Scenario Design. This deliverable is one of the three deliverables of iTRACK that are associated with designing and creating scenario-based training and simulation environment for humanitarian operations in highrisk regions. The Scenario Generator system implementation is based on the design requirements presented in D6.5 of a modular, adaptable and scalable framework for creating adequate training scenarios. Furthermore, the iTRACK digital threat catalogue from D2.5 was incorporated in the implementation of the system to extract security incident examples and store generated scenarios. The scenarios generated by the system will be used in the process of designing the simulations for WP6 and WP7. This document covers the design and technical aspects of the iTRACK scenario generator (i.e. work/data flow, used/developed software packages and functions, and database structures). In addition, a user’s manual is included that covers the system usage and functionalities.

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