This deliverable reports the results of policy and workflow design evaluation.

The objectives of this deliverable are to

  • assess the results of the iTRACK board game development regarding the game design, the requirements of iTRACK technologies and policies
  • evaluate the effectiveness of the iTRACK board game regarding the requirement generated from the following aspects:
    • the functionality and feasibility of iTRACK technologies
    • the iTRACK Information Management policies
    • the iTRACK security risk assessment
    • the iTRACK logistics

The input for the board game is based on the initial process and policies established in WP2 and the system-wide functionality and framework of iTRACK platform in WP4 and WP5.

The board game session with the Plaitra board game, held at Hanken School of Economics on May, 12th, 2017, had the main aim of serving as a tool within the requirements elicitation process towards the development of the iTRACK system and policies of its use. The board game allows direct interaction with experts from the field. With its strong focus on humanitarian aid logistics and envisioned technology of support, it enabled the iTRACK project to investigate the needs and requirements of the envisioned system elaborated by the target group. The end users have been placed in a realistic, at the same time engaging game environment. With the board game, it was possible to observe decisions of the humanitarian aid workers with regard to humanitarian logistics and investments in technology. The technologies included in the game play followed earlier needs analysis as well as the propositions of the technological partners within iTRACK.

The results of the game play itself, as well as an intensive debriefing phase at the same day, reveal that the awareness of the target group towards possible technological solutions to increase the safety and efficiency of their work increased by playing the Plaitra game. Moreover, it showed that the humanitarian aid workers, who participated in the game session, currently rely on basic technology only, like mobile phones and Excel tables. It also showed that more and safe means of communication and information sharing would be appreciated, while tracking and tracing technologies are evaluated in a more critical way.

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