This document represents D8.2 – Report on current practices and policies under Task 8.1 - Information Gathering for iTRACK’s Sustainability. The main rationale behind this report is to present the current status quo in terms of practices and governing in the Humanitarian Aid Industry in order to identify the areas where iTRACK will be more beneficial and the established practices in Humanitarian Aid Safety and Security, from which it can draw knowledge and expertise. It also aims to present an overview of the legal framework that governs both humanitarian assistance and Tracking and Monitoring applications.

The report initially deals with how the Humanitarian Industry is coordinated, structured, internally governed and who are the most important actors in this framework – in terms of state and non-state organizations. It also presents the current state of Humanitarian Safety and Security in the Industry and how iTRACK compares to existing solutions drawing from the information gathered at D8.1.

Furthermore, this report analyses the existing policies and regulation affecting humanitarian aid and the tracking and monitoring of humanitarian workers with respect to international laws and regulations. It also presents a more in-depth analysis of E.U. laws and regulations, current and upcoming which will affect iTRACK both due to its humanitarian and data driven nature.

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