The market of humanitarian aid security is marked by intense growth rates and new competitors are  emerging. At the same time, NGOs have begun to show greater interest in the security of people in the field and other parties that constitute a humanitarian mission. This trend has led to the creation of several solutions in the last decade that have different components, costs and a varying degree of satisfaction of the needs of organizations.

The market analysis conducted in D8.1 identified a number of key market players. For each one of these competitors, a SWOT analysis and a brief assessment of each solution is presented in this report. We could say that the solutions on the market come mainly from companies that have expanded the existing tools they offer to other industries to meet the needs of humanitarian missions. This has the effect of giving more emphasis to points such as tracking and less on tools such as threat detection and alerting, which are especially useful in humanitarian missions.

On the contrary, iTRACK has been created with the main aim of meeting the needs of humanitarian missions. At the same time, it emphasizes the collection and exploitation of information inside the system but also outside using a social media engine. The goal is to offer real-time threat detection and alerting. In combination with tracking of staff, trucks or assets services, navigation, and secure communications, the iTrack solution is a 360ο one, the only universal one on the market to date.

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