This document presents the findings of an analysis of the contacts that are recognized as having engaged with the iTRACK project, whether they have registered to the iTRACK Advisory Group (AG), participated in project ethics surveys or have followed the project on social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook).

An analysis of LinkedIn Connections/Followers, and Twitter Followers in terms of 1) the countries they represent, 2) the types of organisation represented, and 3) their gender was undertaken and the findings are presented in this deliverable.

In addition to the network communities, iTRACK project has the Advisory Group (AG) composed  of 8 registered members, who represent five countries respectively. It also well balanced in terms of the gender of its members as well as where they work, being equally split between European/National research/academia and NGOs.

As a part of project ethical research, iTRACK partners conduct the continuous ethical monitoring based on regular meetings with appropriate WP leaders to discuss ethical components associated with human subjects involved in the project. These discussions are used to monitor the implementation of the ethical handbook (D1.1) on an on-going basis and to provide guidance on best practices and appropriate conduct. External experts, potential end users, participants of the project workshops and events also participate in these surveys, building an additional contact list.

For each community, strategic recommendations are provided that are designed to close the gaps identified. The progress made in closing these gaps will be reported in Deliverable 9.6 – iTRACK contact list gap analysis results 2nd period.

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