The overall objective of the Dissemination Work Package (WP9) in iTRACK is to prepare future impact and exploitation by promoting awareness of the project and the foreground generated. In addition, the WP aims to make research results available to and engage with a larger community, including key stakeholders, policy makers as well as other researchers.

The main objective of the project dissemination activities is to identify and engage with a wide range of stakeholders at EU and global levels to raise awareness of and inform them about iTRACK’s activities and findings, thereby establishing foundations for effective external communication of the project’s concept and potential scientific breakthroughs. In order to make the iTRACK results widely available several dissemination activities have been initiated during the project (D.9.1), with the overall objective to target all levels of humanitarian aid stakeholders and practitioners.

Participation to the international humanitarian event was mapped as an important dissemination channel, and also suggested by the reviewers in the first project review. This deliverable focuses on iTRACK project participation in Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week (HNPW) 2019 which took place in Geneva, Switzerland between 4-8 February 2019. For a full program, see

As described in DoA iTRACK consortium planned to convene a final conference for up to 100 stakeholder representatives in a central, well-connected location to allow easy access. The purpose of the conference was to present major findings from iTRACK and demonstrate the system, including a speed networking session in order to drive networking. But following the recommendation from EC Project Officer Mr. Francesco Lorubbio and considering the opportunity to reach a much higher number of relevant possible end-users and humanitarian organisations’ representatives, it has been agreed by the consortium to replace the Final iTRACK conference by participation in HNPW 2019. This year, 2200 participants attended the HNPW conference in Geneva. In addition, dedicated stakeholder workshops were organized in association with the project tests and demos (see periodic report) to follow up more closely with particularly interested stakeholders.

The purpose of the current deliverable is to brief about the iTRACK project participation to the HNPW 2019 event.

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