Consortium meeting – v2 Design 6th – 7th September 2018

Location: INTRASOFT International S.A. premises, 19km Markopoulou Ave., Building complex: B, Athens, Greece

iTRACK consortium meeting took place in Athens, Greece this September. The purpose of the meeting was to finalize the  second version of iTRACK system Design, aligning the work among other work packages and planned activities, taking into consideration feedback from the 1st pilots (April exercise, Paris test), testing results, updated use cases and functional requirements for the 2nd, final version of the iTRACK system, and thus complete and submit related report by the end of September 2018.

During the  meeting the following issues have been discussed:

1) Development and Integration Status - each work package leader presented the current component supported functions and completed integration tasks, as well as  what has been already implemented from the updated Functional Requirements spreadsheet, and what remains to completed, by when, as well as any issues foreseen

2) Second Version (v2) Design, Status and Follow Up Actions - this session included the presentation of the Updated Functional Requirements/Use cases for v2 System Design and alignment among all partners on validity, prioritization, status and planning.

3) iTrack System Test - a system test with a scenario that encapsulates most of the v2 functions.

The final session of the meeting was the Updated Project Planning, where partners discussed the updates of the internal consortium planning of upcoming tasks and partner roles for smooth project continuation, administrative implications, meeting conclusions and sum up of follow up actions.

Meeting results and outcomes will be reported in dedicated project deliverable.