The new project achievement is here! Architecture and Design Specifications deliverable, has been successfully submitted to the EC. This document presents the architecture of the iTRACK system. The design process, taking into account both the results of the user requirements analysis and the technical novelties that are introduced by the partners, produced a set of use cases that tries to capture in detail how the envisioned iTRACK system will offer its functionality to the users. This set of use cases led to the conceptual design of the system and the functional requirements definition of the various components of the system. The current document is a starting point for the implementation of the system, it is certain that it will need to be modified so as to record the evolving requirements and the corresponding changes in the architecture specification. All these changes will be presented in the 2nd version of this deliverable. The dissemination level of this document is “Confidential”, which means it will not be shared with the general public.