On the 11th of May, 2017, the iTRACK Board Game was played at Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland. The goal of the game was to elicit user requirements demonstrate how the impact of technology facilitates the work of people on the ground, including the demonstration of the iTRACK tools.The board game was designed by iTRACK partner TUD for the iTRACK project to evaluate the initial design of iTRACK platform.

The Finish Red Cross representatives were among the participating organizations and decided to pick up the board game for their internal trainings for the volunteers and staff on standby.

The short clip from the last training shows how the Finish Red Cross members getting to enjoy a modified version of the PLAITRA board game. Besides having fun, the game was designed to challenge and test logistics and planning capabilities in high-risk settings and how technology can help supporting aid delivery tasks.

The final product was a collaborative effort between TUD and HUMLOG institute, Game Called Logistics!


If you are interested in exploring the use of the board game for your organization, please contact us at itrack-mgt@eutd.com

Project documentation

iTRACK Fact Sheet updated 

pdf : iTrack FactSheet