iTRACK Project at the EU Industry Day

iTRACK Project attended the  EU Industry Day that took place in Brussels - Covent Garden between 22-23 February 2018.

Following the launch of the innovation prize of the European Innovation Council on 'Affordable High-Tech for Humanitarian Aid' (the 'Prize'), the European Commission's Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD) and Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (DG ECHO) organised a roundtable on High Tech for Humanitarian Aid. It brought together around 60 representatives of the humanitarian sector, industry, research and scientific communities and other interested stakeholders. The roundtable discussion focused on the identification of humanitarian needs that could be addressed through the frugal application of advanced technologies.

Event objectives:
1. Raise awareness of the potential of frugal application of advanced technologies in low-income countries;
2. Identify and discuss humanitarian challenges that could be addressed through the frugal application of advanced technologies
3. Discuss business opportunities for the private sector, notably SMEs, stemming from the frugal application of advanced technologies in the humanitarian field
4. Provide a forum for humanitarian innovators to meet, exchange and discuss related challenges
5. Discuss how to best support partnerships between humanitarian actors and technology developers in the context of the Prize on Affordable High-Tech for Humanitarian Aid

Event structure:
The event will be a roundtable discussion. Participants will include representatives of:
a) Corporations developing advanced technologies and materials,
b) Research and scientific centres conducting applied research in this domain, and
c) Humanitarian organisations with strong innovation capacities.

EU Industry Day updated stakeholders on the Commission's strategic approach to industrial policy and actions to further develop industrial competitiveness in Europe.

It also served as a forum for stakeholders contributing to European industrial competitiveness to showcase their activities, learn from each other, discuss cross-cutting issues and develop joint visions for the future.

Attendees came from a variety of industrial sectors, finance, research and innovation, government and public administration.

The main event in Brussels, Belgium on 22-23 of February was a high-level conference with many key experts and a number of stakeholder workshops. 

A large number of events also took place all around Europe under the 'European Industry Week' brand. 

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