The HUMLOG Institute, in the frame of iTRACK project dissemination activities, participated in Global Logistics Cluster (GLC) meetings which took place at different locations (Washington, DC, USA, Rome, Italy) in June and October 2018.

The Logistics Cluster provides coordination and information management to support operational decision-making and improve the predictability, timeliness and efficiency of the humanitarian emergency response. Where necessary, the Logistics Cluster also facilitates access to common logistics services. Due to its expertise in the field of humanitarian logistics, the World Food Programme was chosen by the IASC as the lead agency for the Logistics Cluster . WFP hosts the Global Logistics Cluster support team in its headquarters in Rome. WFP also acts as a ‘provider of last resort’ offering common logistics services, when critical gaps hamper the humanitarian response. Click here for a visual overview of the Logistics Cluster and here for 2018 highlights.