iTRACK Training Case for Humanitarian Logistics Organisations and Students

Location: Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands

iTRACK Training Case for Humanitarian Logistics Organisation and students

Please note:the exact time, date and place of the training will be announced prior the event.

Training case for organizations:

Staff of humanitarian organizations can use this training case to review what policies and standard operating procedures (SOPs) were systematically gathered within iTrack with regard to information management, security and logistics. The training case demonstrates the most important functions of the iTrack IT system and how to use them.

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Training case for students:

In this training case, students learn about the conditions in which humanitarian organizations operate. They follow the fictional workflow of a humanitarian organizations providing logistics services within the Syria crisis. Through the course, the students learn about important policies and SOPs and how the iTrack IT system can support humanitarians in their daily work.

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Photo Credit: AFP