Now six years into the Syria crisis, the United Nations and partners remain committed to providing life-saving assistance to the 13.5 million displaced and conflict-affected people inside Syria, protecting the rights of 4.81 million refugees in neighboring countries, and building the resilience of the 4.4 million people in vulnerable communities hosting them.

Hosted by Finland, United Nations Agencies, NGO partners and representatives of  governments will meet on 23 and 24 January, 2017 in Helsinki for a key conference to sharpen policies and strengthen commitment to addressing the growing needs of over 22 million people affected by the Syria crisis.

The Helsinki Conference on Supporting Syrians and the Region  reviewed plans for urgent humanitarian needs as well as livelihoods and longer-term support needed inside Syria and in neighboring countries.

iTRACK was referred to in the public discussions only

More information about the event can be found here