Press Release

The iTRACK project (Integrated system for real-time TRACKing and collective intelligence in civilian humanitarian missions) kicked off on a sunny day In Norway in May 2016 and the crisis team has enjoyed working on it since. The project focuses on improving the protection of humanitarian workers and effectiveness of humanitarian missions through developing integrated intelligent socio-technical tracking solutions to support threat detection, navigation, logistics, and coordination in humanitarian disasters. Making use of the latest technological solutions, which are developed with ethics, privacy and data protection at their core, the collective intelligence and intelligent systems developed by iTRACK will provide the means for responders on the ground to acquire valuable information in real-time, to help them self-assess the situation, make informed decisions, and communicate and organise their response.
In the three months since the project started, the crisis team has conducted four interviews to produce an initial version of the information flows related to the iTRACK systems. Information flows relate to the personal data collected, processed, stored and transferred, and form a core part of the ethical and privacy impact assessment (E/PIA) for the project. The crisis team has also drafted the first version of the ethics handbook (D1.1) and began preparing for research in the field. The next step for the project is a workshop for the E/PIA in The Hague in November.

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